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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 14:35


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Although telecom expenses are amongst most important expenses in today’s organizations, few companies are fully aware of benefits generated from managed services. Flaws within internal processes or invoice incongruities represent too often a significant percentage of erroneous billed expenses. High volume of data, multiple suppliers and variety of invoices make even more tedious the reconciliation and validation processes required to assure accuracy between applied charges and suppliers’ agreements.

Only a rigorous validation process enables to identify incongruities. Telecom expense management (TEM )services assure invoice validation, optimal inventory management and rapid execution respecting your corporate standards while servicing professionally your end users.

Companies that have outsourced the management of their telecommunication expenses to Accell Telesystems are pleased with the quality of our services. We have developed a unique service model to guarantee proper delivery:

This unique servicing model provides perfect deployment as per customer’s specific needs, respecting business priorities and leveraging collusion between managed services and direct management, hence securing best results for the customer.

For your traditional landline, wireless, data, video or Web services, Accell managed services for your telecommunication expenses include:

• Invoice auditing and validation managed in a dynamic data base.  Invoice payment process, review and incongruity identification, authorization process management for payment and credit recovery.
• User profile log and maintenance
• Connectivity management for all services including activation, deactivation or move requests, calling card and teleconferencing.  National and international deployments.
• Maintenance registry to better manage guaranties, refurbishing and loans
• Ordering and inventory management, inclusive of installation process supervision.
• Users telephony registry
• Single point of contact center – phone and Web-based help desk

Telecom expenses – Managed services enable cost reduction and better performance tracking


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